Teeth Whitening

Introducing The BriteWhite Teeth Whitening Headset

The BriteWhite Teeth Whitening Headset is a MINI system for whitening the teeth. The mouth piece has Blue LED's, has 20 minute auto timing feature and is inserted inside the mouth directly against the front arches of the teeth activating a bleaching gel, giving immediate results of 3 - 6 shades of lift within the first 20 minutes.

BRITEWHITE'S Patented Cool Blue LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Mouthpiece technology is so cool it can be placed much closer to the teeth than hot laser or plasma and halogen systems found in dental offices. This new method of teeth whitening is achieved by using a carbamide peroxide gel and placing the Blue Led probe inside the mouth. The intense Cool Blue light activates carbamide peroxide gel which attacks the discoloration. 

The BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System is the first Blue LED Light System globally to be FDA Cleared for whitening teeth quickly and safely in Salons and Spas.

(2) 20 minute sessions $130
(1) 20 minute session  $65


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